Friday, February 19, 2016

This was sent to me by Charles Jupiturn.  Charles shares my view that Babushka Lady took the photo known as the Moorman photo.

Hi Ralph,

Comparing the Moorman photograph to the Zapruder film...

There is an irreconcilable conflict between the Zapruder film and the
Moorman photograph. Moorman shows Governor Connally sitting upright.
At the same exact time, the Z-film shows him lying down upon his
wife. Which is fake? I can think of no reason why they would edit
the Moorman photograph to make it look like the Governor was sitting
up. Thus, it seems likely that Connally was sitting up when JFK was
shot in the head. He did fall back upon his wife later on. 

The z-film editors cut out the jump-seat section of those frames
(where Connally did actually fall down on Nellie) and re-inserted
them earlier in the film, hiding the Governor's true position at
the moment of the head shot.

If the Moorman photograph is accurate, and Connally was sitting upright,
in which direction was he looking? He is clearly not looking to the
left or right, so he must be facing either the front of the limo or
the back. But we know that once he had turned around to face JFK,
he never subsequently turned toward the front of the limo. Therefore,
he has to be looking right at JFK in Moorman. Where is his face?
They darkened it out, in an attempt to give it the appearance of the
back of his head. Nellie's face was also blackened out in Moorman.


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