Monday, February 29, 2016

I am very glad to have this image because I don't know this guy, and, I presume he doesn't know me. But, he, and whoever he was working with, came to the same conclusion that the Professor and I did, that the Moorman photo was taken on a diagonal. 

If he were pointing his camera directly across the street on the perpendicular, he'd be pointing it a little to the right of that street light. So, it's rather angled. 

But, Mary has never said she did that. She has always said that she took her picture when they were directly opposite her. And that is also how she has demonstrated it.

 I don't know how you can get more on the money perpendicular than that.

The Muchmore frame below shows Babushka Lady as she was taking the Moorman photo. The configuration of the Kennedys is a very good match to the Moorman photo. 

Notice that Babushka is shooting but Mary is NOT. Notice that Babushka's arms are UP, and Mary's are NOT. Look how low Mary's elbows are. They are down. Babushka's elbows are up. Mary has already taken her picture, and she is just holding her camera still. 

But, in the situation of going from the perpendicular to the diagonal, the effect is to stretch the camera field. But, the field of the Moorman photo is not wide enough. Here it is compared to what I got:

Notice on the right in the Moorman photo that the steps are cut off, and it shows much less of the knoll that is west of the steps. I captured more.  

So, I maintain that the Moorman photo was taken by Babushka Lady and converted into a Polaroid, but first, it was both cropped and severely altered. 

But, why did they have to crop it? 

I can only speculate about that, but perhaps they wanted to get rid of the driver, Will Greer. Maybe it showed him turned and looking at JFK which he said he didn't do but which you can clearly see him doing in the Zapruder film.

What you see Greer doing above, he denied doing. Perhaps that is the reason he was cut out of the Moorman photo. But, they may have had other reasons. 

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