Friday, February 12, 2016

This work of Larry Rivera's is riveting. It proves that in this image of Lovelady, they deliberately modified his eyes in order to make them look like Doorman's. But, Doorman's image was very distant, and it is very distorted from being enlarged. It is quite true that we do not see Doorman's eyes, but it's not because he didn't have any, and it's not because they were closed. It's because of the distortion involved in creating the image from the original medium.

But, on the left, they took a close-up image of Lovelady and modified it so that it would look like the distorted one of Doorman. The unthinking mind, not factoring in the distortion on the right, would accept them as being the same, that the eyes are the same. What they did was try to match Doorman's distortion. But, the condition of Lovelady's eyes on the left is absolutely impossible. It is anatomically, physiologically, and photographically impossible. 

And you can see it plainly in Larry's gif:

It was a blatant attempt to sell a lie. They killed Lovelady, and then they posted a deliberately distorted image of him to match the distortion in the blown-up image of Doorman, who was Oswald. 

Oh but for the wickedness of it all. Heaven help us that such evil lurks within our midst. 

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