Wednesday, February 10, 2016

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera has done some image comparisons, including a new image overlay, using the image of Lovelady recently posted by Robin Unger.

Larry first suggests that the image published at the time of Lovelady's death in 1979 was actually from Bob Jackson's photo shoot from 1971. In both, Lovelady had very long sideburns. I already pointed out that Lovelady looks younger in the 1979 image than he does in the 1976 images taken by Robert Groden. And 1971 looks about right to my eyes. Besides, there were no pictures taken of him between 1971 and 1976- that we know of. So, Larry is very likely right about this, and I know of no alternatives.  

Here is what Larry wrote:

We need to thank Unger for posting this.  Attached are the results of the overlay. 
This image is from the Bob Jackson photoshoot of 1971.  Obviously he took other photographs and they held them back in abeyance.  See attached.  Same sideburns, same BNL.  Even though they tried to make him look as much as possible as Doorman, the features fail to line up because BNL is not Doorman.  The results are theater of the absurd.    I tried to set interpupillary distance with the stock photograph and they just failed to line up.  See grid and ruler image attached and notice how the interpupillary distance fails to match. (just follow the graph line)  Next, we re-sized the proportions of the photograph and rotated it to match Doorman as much as possible. (We are trying to help Unger here) With that said, here are the results:
1. Eyebrows are not at the same horizontal angle.  Again, BNL's brow ridge is more rounded than that of Doorman. Furthermore, Doorman IS NOT SQUINTING! When BNL does this, it makes the eyelid shift upwards and out of alignment - NOT THE SAME GUY.  This result matches our earlier findings.
2. Nose does not match, size is different, and as before, doorman's nose shadow does not sync with BNL's
3. This one is comical. Notice how the right side (left, as seen facing the image) of his mouth shifts upwards.  You can't purse your lips and mouth and match Doorman unless you are actually Doorman.  
4. Ear falls at a different angle.
You guys can go ahead and detail other differences.  Those who did this did not count on computer imaging eventually catching up and proving that BNL IS NOT Doorman. If anything, this photograph proves they went out of their way to make him change his features to try to look like Doorman.  Like I said - Theater of the Absurd!
One last comment.  Why - if Lovelady is Doorman, has nobody come up with matching overlay experiments to refute our findings? Where is Groden on this?  Are we to just accept his proclamation that BNL is Doorman because he says so? I think we all know the answer to these questions.

I'll give the last word (for now) to OIC senior member Dennis Cimino:

They failed miserably to convince anyone of intelligence that Lovelady was the man in the doorway, but it worked on the stupid sheeple in this country,  They could have put Soupy Sales in the same clothes and people would have bought it. There is so much submission to authority in this country that even those who were supposedly disputing the official story, such as Robert Groden and Tink Thompson, bought into the stupid dog and pony show put on by the HSCA about this. Of course, Groden was part of the dog and pony show.   
Larry's great biometrics work and the overlay work really cement the coffin lid shut on this CIA crap about Lovelady.

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