Saturday, February 20, 2016

Just to show you how helpless and hopeless the modern-day Oswald accusers are, here is an image from the Warren Report posted by "Boz" on McAdams' forum. We are supposed to be impressed with this:

So, they SUPPOSEDLY found Oswald's palm prints and one fingerprint on the boxes in the Sniper's Nest. Whoopee! How much does it take to dispute this? Not much, not much. 

First, it's not that it came from an independent source. If the those who were framing Oswald for killing Kennedy wanted to claim that they found his prints, what was stopping them? How difficult was it for them to set it up? How much time did they have in advance to do it? Lots. And, how could the average guy confirm what they were claiming? He couldn't. He can't. 

Most Oswald defenders respond to this by saying that Oswald was probably moving boxes around that day in the course of his work. But not me. What I recognize is that the perps had many weeks in advance to collect Oswald's prints from when he did handle boxes. They saw him move a box; they grabbed the box; they got his prints. Simple as that.  

And who knows, maybe they got his prints and then they used them to make phony prints of him. Do a Google search for "how to make phony fingerprints to frame someone" and you'll pull up a lot of stuff, and it's all things that could have been done in the 1960s. 

This print claim is just a raw naked claim that is totally lacking in confirmation and credibility. If Oswald was framed for killing Kennedy, don't you think they could have easily come up with a way to claim his prints were found at the crime scene?

My problem with this is the utter stupidity of it. Why does Boz think that this should carry weight with me and others like me?  

This is 2016. Why isn't the caliber of thinking, the quality of analysis, at a higher level than it is? 

I guess it's because Stupid is what Stupid does, and Boz is a case in point. 

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