Sunday, February 14, 2016

In a recent interview with Bloomberg News, Donald Trump was asked if he believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy.

Note first that it isn't politically correct to ask the question any other way. You can't ask whether Oswald did it at all. That is simply not allowed. But, here is how Trump answered:

 “I believe he acted alone,” Trump said of Oswald. “I think he probably acted alone.”

Of course, the right answer was: "I don't think he acted at all. He didn't do it. He was framed and innocent."

But, the question was a trap. He was also asked about David Duke, who had said something positive about Trump. Trump was asked if he would repudiate Duke, and Trump said something like, "Well, if it will make you happy, sure." 

But, the bottom line is that you can't become a serious, viable candidate for President, in major contention, if you maintain that the US government and the US media were complicit in the murder of JFK. It is not OK. 

But, there is a silver lining here- and that's why I am writing this. 

The silver lining is that the killers of JFK, such as Dulles, Rockefeller, etc., if asked in 1963 whether they thought Presidential candidates in 2016 will be asked if they believe the government's story about the Kennedy assassination would surely have said no; that they won't be asked; that it will be long over; long resigned; long resolved; long accepted; long done.   

The only reason to ask a leading Presidential candidate if he believes the official story of JFK is if a lot of Americans don't believe it. And that's heartening. 

Of course, the vast, overwhelming majority of Americans who dispute the official story of JFK do so on the basis of Oswald innocence, but that idea is so dangerous, so threatening, that the American media can't even say it. 

Do you realize that polls on the JFK assassination have always- from the very first one in 1964- been conducted on the assumption of Oswald's guilt? "Do you think Oswald acted alone or was part of a conspiracy?" From the very beginning and all along, that's the way it's been done.  And that's true despite the fact that 99% of the books which dispute the official story do so on the basis of Oswald's innocence. The idea that Oswald did it within a conspiracy is really just another government idea. It's Government Story#2. The despicable HSCA came up with it. 

But, for Donald Trump to be branded as a conspiracy theorist would have been extremely damaging to his campaign. He already endured the flak about Obama's birth certificate. Obama, of course, was born in Kenya, and his Hawaiian birth certificate is a fabrication. But, it was fabricated largely because of Trump. Trump is already hated by the media, and if he had disputed the JFK story, he would have been vilified for that. So, he strategically steered clear of the land mine. Does he really believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy and acted alone? I'd like think that he's smarter than that.


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