Thursday, February 11, 2016

How hard would it be to make a fake contact sheet? It wouldn't be hard at all.

And why is there a smudge over the face of Sam Kinney, the driver of the Secret Service car? 

Of course, you see the smudge over the mouth of Emory Roberts, who was in command. He was talking on the car phone during the shooting, and they put the smudge over his mouth to hide that. But, in this version, there also appears to be a similar smudge over Kinney. I never noticed it before. 

Here is another version which looks like it was cleaned up.

 And of course, that is not George Hickey in back with the back of his head towards us. It is just a fat-headed guy they added to the photo to cover up whatever it is they were covering up, which was probably Hickey smiling or otherwise looking inappropriate for a shooting. The fat-headed guy is definitely not Hickey.

But, getting back to this so-called contact sheet:

Why is the glass of the Presidential windshield so dark compared to that of the followup car? 

This is supposed to be the whole contact sheet. The contact sheet contains all of the frames from the roll. But, it's obvious here that these are individual pieces arranged together and with Altgens7 much larger than the rest. It's like a jigsaw puzzle. 

So, they took a pair of scissors to Altgens film, did they? Now, why would they do that?

Here are how contact sheets are supposed to look, with perfect balance and symmetry and no jigsaw puzzle look:

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