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"He thinks he's adding "fill light" to the bottom image when all he did was increase the brightness to it.  That's not what "fill light" is."

Oh yeah?  But, Picasa says it is.

That's what I use; that's what they call it; and you're a fucking idiot. 

And I thought we were talking about books; reading books. Show me the book in which Harold Weisberg reversed himself on Oswald in the doorway. 

And Harold wrote before about his phone call from Mrs. Lovelady.

The significance of Harold Weisberg's talk with Mrs. Lovelady
by Ralph Cinque
10 August 2012
Researcher Harold Weisberg had a telephone conversation with Mrs. Billy Lovelady, which is reproduced in David Wrone's book. Weisberg recorded these notes about the talk:

"She [Mrs. Lovelady] insists it is 'my Billy' in the doorway, that the FBI never asked him what shirt he had worn that day, and that he had worn a red-and-black check with a white fleck. The checks, she says, are about two inches. When I said the Altgens picture shows no check, she replied that it is not as clear as the enlargement 'as big as a desk,' about 30 X 40 inches, the FBI showed them the night of Nov. 25, 1963." (David Wrone, The Zapruder Film--Reframing JFK's Assassination, University Press of Kansas, 2003, p. 177).

Here is my commentary on this passage:

(1) The Altgens photo was obviously of special importance to the government, based on this conversation with Mrs. Lovelady and an FBI agent. By Monday, November 25, 1963, there was already evidence that the FBI was extremely interested in the very Doorman topic at the heart of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. Even as early as November 25, the central concern was the different shirts worn to work by Oswald and Lovelady on November 22.

(2) The Altgens photo was obviously important to the governent if a photo enlargement "as big as a desk" had already been prepared for the FBI by November 25, 1963. By the day of the president's funeral and the day after the public execution of Oswald, there was already concern about developing a plausible pictoral representation of the Man in the Doorway as Lovelady.

(3) The clandestine processing of photo enlargements of other crucial photographic evidence in the JFK assassination was being conducted concurrent with the enlargement of the Altgens photo for the FBI. On the evenings of Saturday, November 23 and Sunday, November 24, there were similar photo enlargements being made of individual frames of the Zapruder film at the CIA's Natonal Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) facility in Washington, D.C. These photo enlargements were made for CIA Director McCone on Saturday and for the top secret Kodak "Hawkeyeworks" photo center in Rochester, New York on Sunday.

It was obvious that as early as November 25, the FBI was working hard to convince both Mrs. Lovelady and the American people that it was "her Billy" in the doorway. But, when Mrs. Lovelady spoke to Harold Weisberg, why didn't she point out to him that there was a movie in which Oswald was led by her husband at the Dallas PD, where Billy can be seen wearing the plaid shirt? Why did she not tell him to watch that film? And what about the so-called Martin post-assassination footage in which her husband can supposedly be seen milling around outside after the assassination wearing a plaid shirt? Didn't she know about that one? What about the Hughes film? What about the Wiegman film? Was she unaware of all these films featuring her husband? If so, it is probably because they weren't made yet, that is, the parts that featured her husband weren't made yet.The fact is that neither Lovelady's striped shirt nor his alleged plaid shirt are a match to Doorman's shirt. Doorman's shirt shows just the fine, grainy pattern of Oswald's shirt along with some light reflection and distortion from the gross enlargement. It does not contain a single check or box. It can't possibly be the same shirt as plaided Lovelady, even though there is no chance that plaided Lovelady was really Lovelady.

The Altgens picture shows no check. The Altgens picture shows no check. Harold's words. It means that Doorman's shirt isn't plaid. And of course, it's not. Doorman's shirt has the fine, grainy pattern of Oswald's shirt along with some light reflection and distortion caused by the gross enlargement. That's it. That's what we are seeing. It could not possibly be the shirt on the right. 

That's why Harold Weisberg is featured on the OIC website and will remained featured there. 

And, who was Harold Weisberg's material and intellectual heir? Professor Gerald McKnight. And what does Professor McKnight advocate to this day? Oswald in the doorway.

It's game over alright, Backes- for you. 

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