Friday, February 12, 2016

The point of my last post was that, whether you maintain that Lovelady wore a short-sleeved striped shirt (as I do) or a long-sleeved plaid shirt (as others try to claim) neither way could he have been Doorman because Doorman's shirt was neither striped nor plaid.

His shirt is just grainy, with the addition of some unintelligible light and dark contrast, the result of light reflection and also distortion from the image being blown up.

Look at his upper right side, which is on our left. There is no light/dark contrast there at all. Do you see how uniform the collar is? Well, the plaid shirt of Lovelady had flashy pattern up to and including the collar.

How could they possibly be the same shirt? The people who are claiming that they are do not care about the truth. They are just soldiers, defending the official story at any cost, including the cost of their own rationality and their own reputations. It is idiotic to claim they are the same shirt. 

And another thing that Harold Weisberg pointed out is that Lovelady in the Martin film- even if you grant that he's really Lovelady (which I don't)- that his shirt isn't sprawled open like Doorman's. 

So, it's not just the fact that it's plaid vs. no plaid; it's also sprawled open vs. cinched up. So, that's two disconnects which make it absolutely impossible that they are the same man and the same shirt. At the very most, the man on the right had one button undone- the very top button. That's it. The rest of his buttons were secured. And to argue that Lovelady buttoned up after the shooting is totally unfounded, as he never even said that he was unbuttoned in the first place. When asked about it by Jones Harris in May 1964, Lovelady said that his shirt was "buttoned up to the neck." He said nothing about it being sprawled open.  

And if you don't think that the FBI agents thought they were photographing Lovelady in the clothes he wore on 11/22, then why'd they have him prop the shirt open?

What was the point of doing that if it was a different shirt?
And, for goodness sake, why would he have been standing there like that, so slovenly, when the President of the United States was riding by? Oswald did because Oswald had no choice: HIS BUTTONS WERE MISSING!

The truth is that the only real picture of Lovelady's shirt from 11/22/63 is this one from the Couch film.

Just the other day, Robin Unger, using a very degraded version of the image, tried to claim that it's a long-sleeved shirt on Lovelady on the right. Well, that's Lovelady, but his shirt isn't long-sleeved. It's short-sleeved, and that simple fact demolishes the entire official story of the JFK assassination.  

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