Saturday, February 27, 2016


You've probably seen this video before:

"The Moorman Photo Was Shot By The Babushka Lady jfk assassination conspiracy"

It talks about how the Babushka Lady took the Moorman photograph.
It also makes a key point: Mary didn't lower her camera right away
because she was holding it in place for a few seconds to ensure
she got a good picture, with minimal camera movement.  Even though
she is holding her camera up, she is no longer pointing it at the limo.  She just
keeps it pointed back where the limo was when she took her shot.  You can even
see Mary's head turning the watch the limo.

The only problem with the video is that it contains some baloney about the driver
shooting Connally, and for that reason I don't often recommend this video.
But other than that, it's pretty good.


Yes, the first half is brilliant. But, there's one thing: he claims that the reason Mary seems so frozen and does not turn towards the Kennedys after they pass her is because she was holding her camera still.  But, even if that's true, wouldn't she at least turn her head so as to keep her eyes on them? Therefore, I have to think that it's a manipulated image. From Z291 to Z316 Mary does not budge an inch, and that makes no sense when you've got the President of the United States and his glamorous wife passing you in the street.  Ralph  

These are all exactly the same. She has her camera pointed straight ahead even though the Kennedys have already passed her to her left. I agree with you that Mary took her picture at Z292. And after that, even if she was going to hold her camera still, she wouldn't keep holding it up to her eyes. I have to think that this is a manipulated image. 

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