Friday, February 19, 2016

David Emerling 
Feb 17
On Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at 6:57:20 PM UTC-6, Anthony Marsh wrote:
> But innocent people lie all the time. Especially when they ask
> for legal representation and are denied it.

You think Oswald was denied legal representation? Do you think the
testimony supports that conclusion? Sure - I'm aware of Oswald whining to
the media when he was being paraded through the hall about wanting
somebody to come forward and give him legal representation. That's the
same kind of posturing bullshit as when Oswald whined about the REASON
they took him in was because he lived in the Soviet Union. Poor Oswald. So
mistreated. He was such a victim. That was Oswald's worldview that he
clearly inherited from his mother, who ALWAYS saw herself as a victim.

Oswald wanted John Abt. He was allowed to make phone calls. He could even
make long distance calls and Capt Fritz said Dallas would cover the
charges. Oswald was visited by a member of the Dallas Bar Association to
make sure he was getting legal assistance. Oswald denied his help.

You know all this, Tony. It amazes me, for a person who knows so much
about this case, you still cannot help repeating silly conspiracy

David Emerling
Memphis, TN 

Ralph Cinque:

There is no credible evidence that Oswald refused a lawyer out of wanting John Abt exclusively. I know that is the official story, but look who is telling it. The fact that Oswald complained repeatedly and rancourously about not being provided a lawyer stands as the only solid evidence of his state of mind on the matter. He appealed to the public. And note that he could have appealed to the public to try to reach John Abt for him. But, he didn't do that. He just asked publicly for someone to come forward to give him legal assistance, and he didn't qualify it. That stands as his position, and the rest is hearsay. 

His so-called brother Robert Oswald claimed it. But, Robert Oswald didn't even attempt to claim that he urged his brother to use a Texas lawyer and let him obtain one for him. I think everyone will agree that it was in Oswald's best interest to get a Texas criminal lawyer immediately. So, why doesn't Robert Oswald's story include that? Why didn't Robert Oswald just do it? Not ask Lee, but tell him: "You're getting a Texas lawyer. I'm getting you one. And I don't want to hear another flippin' word about it." Wouldn't a real brother do that? Wouldn't you do that for your brother?

I don't believe Robert Oswald. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald, and he made a broad, unqualified, public appeal for a lawyer. That's what we unflinchingly know. 

Oh, and by the way: I'm making you famous.  

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