Saturday, February 13, 2016

When Attorney Ken Brooten informally deposed Billy Lovelady in 1978, he asked him specifically if he had a beard the day of the assassination. Why did Brooten ask him that? It's because of this image:

The beard above registered even on Ken Brooten. But, what did Lovelady tell him? NO BEARD. Lovelady said that he shaved the night before. He said he had "overnight growth" which is to say, no beard. You can listen to it yourself.

Why, therefore, does Psychedelic Lovelady have a beard, with a thick carpet of facial hair growing all the way over to the edge of his nose?

This is a problem; but not for me. It's a problem for those who defend the legitimacy of the image, who claim that this guy was Billy Lovelady. 

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