Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So, as she told the rest of the world, Mary Moorman told me personally that she took her picture at the time of the first shot. 

But, the Moorman photo was taken after the last shot. 

So, how do the people who are opposing me rationalize that? How do they explain the disparity? Do they think that Mary is simply mistaken? That she doesn't know when she took her shot? That she thinks she took it during the first shot, but she really took it after the last shot? 

Well, if that's what they think, why don't they say so? If they think Mary Moorman is confused and disoriented about what she did and when she did it, they ought to say so.  

Personally, I take Mary at her word. I have no reason to doubt her. She said the exact same thing on 11/22/63, and at the time she was a young woman in her 20s. And she has been consistent on down through the years. 

She took her picture as she was hearing the first shot. Then she lowered her camera, and then she heard two more shots. That's what she says happened, and I believe her completely. I don't think she is lying, and I do not think she is mistaken. 

Now, others need to pony up and address this important issue. She said she snapped her picture during the blast of the first shot. Now, do you believe her, or not? 

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