Sunday, February 21, 2016

That is Roy Schaeffer. Get to know him. He's got 35 years experience as a professional photo processor for newspapers. He was working at the Dayton Daily News at the time of the JFK assassination, and he, himself, took the Altgens6 photo off the wire when it arrived at the newspaper. He was the first one in the organization to get to see it. And what he saw was masking and opaquing and other signs of photographic alteration. 

That was a cropped image, but eventually, he saw the black disc between the two women. 

Roy is the one who pointed it out to me. I didn't point it out to him. And he has been aware of it for decades. And Roy insists that it is definitely a photographic manipulation that was done deliberately to hide whatever was behind it. 

I have the largest copy of the Altgens photo that is sold by the AP in their online store. It was $60. And it shows the black disc just as you see it above. There is no uncropped version of the Altgens photo that doesn't have it. And that includes the contact sheet.

 Believe me, it's there just as it is here. I haven't entered this on the OIC website yet, and I really should, if only as a tribute to Roy Schaeffer, who is one of the earliest members of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. Roy has been fighting for JFK truth for 52 years, and it's all because of what he saw on the Altgens6 photo-fax that early morning on November 23, 1963. He knew. 

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