Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Robin Unger claims that Muchmore44 is the frame which corresponds to the Moorman photo. He just glibly says it. He doesn't argue it- he doesn't explain it. He just says it. But, he also says it about Muchmore42.

So above, Unger has Mary lowering her camera by Muchmore44. Well, I agree with that because her camera is not up at her eye. 

Above, he claims that M43 is the right one because the camera is up at her eye. But, how is she holding it? 

Why isn't her right hand on top of the camera as it is in the Zapruder film?

You see her right hand making a perfect right angle atop the camera. So, why isn't it there in Muchmore? 

How is she holding that camera? Is it levitating? I don't see a hand there.

Then, in this collage, Unger pushes it back to Muchmore42.

So, Unger can't make up his mind whether it was 42, 43, or 44.

But, the problem with all of these is that the motorcycles are too advanced. The limo braked before the motorcycles did which caused the motorcycles to advance. 

Notice how large Officer Hargis looms in the Moorman photo compared to Kennedy. But, that wouldn't be the case for Mary Moorman because Kennedy is in front of her but Hargis is jutted to her right. But, for Babushka Lady, the distance is additive, and Hargis would loom much larger to her being closer to the camera. But, still this can't be right because the motorcycles are too advanced. The following frame was picked by the Physics professor as being the right frame:

How dare you, Unger? You or Ken McDonald claiming something doesn't make it so. I've provided reasons for my choice. Have you? 

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