Monday, February 8, 2016

Now, the Idiot Backes is disputing that Oswald's lawyer, had he gotten one, would have asked him whether he killed Kennedy. And assuming that Oswald would have said 'No!' (which he surely would have since that's what he was telling everyone else) then it stands to reason that the lawyer would have then asked Oswald for his alibi. 

Now, that Backes would make a stink about any of that is just the Idiot and the Idiocy talking. But, the question is (and Backes is too stupid to realize it- too mentally blunted to even go there) WHERE ELSE COULD OSWALD HAVE PLACED HIMSELF OTHER THAN THE DOORWAY?  

The answer is: nowhere. There is noplace else. 

Just try it yourself and see. Try to write another response for Oswald. 

"I was in domino room eating lunch. We got off at 11:45, and we were told the President would be passing the building at 12:25, and I had really hoped to make it outside in time to see him. But, you see, I've got this canker sore in my mouth, and it really hurts to eat, so I can only eat very, very slowly. So, even though I got started eating before Noon, I was still eating my cheese sandwich and apple in the domino room when JFK rode by."


"I was in the 2nd floor lunch room. I had eaten downstairs in the 1st floor lunch room, and then I thought that a Coke would be nice. So, I went up there, and first I sat down a little while just to rest, since I was tired. And I started thinking about how wonderful my life is- getting a new daughter and all. A few minutes must have passed. Then, I got up to leave. And suddenly I realized: " Wait a second! I forgot about my Coke! Silly me." So, I turned around and went back there to get it, and just as I was entering the lunch room through one door, the police officer saw me through the glass of the other door, and he followed me in there. It probably looked to him like I was just getting there since I was walking. But no, I was actually there before, a minute and a half before, doing nothing, when the President rode by."


"You know, I hate to admit this, but I got into a bad burrito last night, and I've had the runs all day. So, I was in the can glued to the toilet when the President rode by. I kid you not."


"You know, I really wasn't interested in seeing the President. I realize that almost every other employee was, but I wasn't. I'm different. I'm not a political person. I didn't care. It's not my thing. So, I was just wondering around the building for no particular reason, no particular purpose. That's what I was doing. And if that sounds strange to you, there is a guy who is going to come along in 40 years named Joseph Backes, and he'll vouch for me."

You're an idiot, Backes. 




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