Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So, Ruth Paine's mother-in-law was best friends with Allen Dulles' mistress.  Dulles and his mistress took long vacations up on the island near Nantucket owned by the Forbes family. 

Are we supposed to consider that a coincidence unrelated to the case?

Me, I don't believe in JFK coincidences; I believe in JFK blood incidences. Big difference.

But, my question is: what did they tell Ruth Paine? They must have asked her to get close to the Oswalds, but did they tell her why? Did they say, 

"Listen, we're going to be killing Kennedy because he needs killing. But, we don't want to get the chair for it, so we're framing this guy named Oswald. It will look like he did it. And, he won't live long afterwards anyway. Yup, we're killing him too. But, we need someone to help set him up, to lure him to where he needs to be. So, what do you say? Will you help us? It's for the good of the country."

So, do you think Ruth Paine had explicit foreknowledge of the plot to kill Kennedy and frame Oswald, or do you think they played her like a violin? 

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