Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ian, you're giving us some excellent food for thought. Regarding the Moorman photo, there's a point of fact that is rarely mentioned, and that's because few want to mention it.

Like many people, I assumed that the thumbprint resulted from someone pressing the wet photo, while it was developing. Not so, according to Mary. It didn't occur until after the FBI borrowed the photo- for the second time.

Now, why would they have to borrow it at all when they reproduced it that very afternoon and made a standard negative of it? The only reason I can think of is that if they were going to alter their copy, they also had to alter hers.

When I heard that the thumbprint occurred to the dry photo, I took out my old Polaroids and started pressing my thumb into them. It did no damage. The only way that could have happened to the dry photo is if it was done deliberately with some kind of medium.

Last summer I got very involved with the Moorman photo, and I had this Physics Professor visiting me and helping me analyze it. He maintained that the angle of the line of the limo at the bottom of the image, which is slightly diagonal, proves that the photo was taken on a diagonal. Mary has never claimed to have done that. She has always maintained that she snapped her picture facing Elm Street squarely, that is, perpendicularly.

And why wouldn't she? She was poised and ready to take her picture from the moment the limo rounded the corner at the top of the hill. So, why would she let the Kennedys pass her only to shoot the back of their heads?

And she had all the time in the world when you consider how slow the limo was moving. It was moving so slowly (if it was moving at all) that Jean Hill could speak to JFK, saying, "Mr. President, look this way. We want to take your picture" with the expectation that he would have enough time to hear her and respond accordingly such that Mary, standing right next to her, could capture his picture.

There are two main points that the physics professor made. The first is that if Mary shot them directly facing Elm Street on the perpendicular, it would have been very easy to center the subjects at the slow speed that was involved, but they are not centered. And the second is the line of the limo, which if she was facing Elm Street squarely would have been parallel with the bottom of the image, but it's not;  the line is diagonal.

Therefore, he concluded (with certainty) that the photo was taken on a diagonal angle from behind.  Mary has never claimed to have done that, and she has never demonstrated it that way. Furthermore, Mary has been very consistent about when she took her picture. She said that she took it simultaneous with the FIRST shot. Not the LAST shot, but the FIRST shot. Then, she lowered the camera and heard two more shots. But, the Moorman photo was taken after the last shot.

For these reasons, I have come to accept that the Moorman photo was taken by Babushka Lady, and we have never seen the real photo that Mary took. It must have contained something that was too damaging to the official story. Please view attached image. Thank you. Ralph    

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