Monday, February 29, 2016

I am having an interesting exchange today with an OIC member about Robert Kennedy. He agrees with me that Robert Kennedy should have acted. He should have stood up to his brother's killers immediately. He should have swifted his family away to a safe, protected placed (perhaps in Ireland) and then declared all-out war. 

Let's consider what would have happened if he had done that. How would the Empire have responded?

What if Robert Kennedy said publicly that his brother's powerful enemies in government, including LBJ, McGeorge Bundy, J. Edgar Hoover, and others were responsible for killing him? What if, as Attorney General of the United States, he immediately launched his own criminal investigation, with the above named and others as the prime suspects?

Here's what I think would have happened: Obviously, LBJ would have fired him as Attorney General. Then, RFK would have been denied access to the media. They may have attended his press conferences, but they would not have broadcast them. Instead, there would have been an all-out effort to depict RFK as deranged, disturbed, and out of his mind.

But, that would the kind and gentle stuff. There is a good chance that they would have really gone after him, and I mean with criminal charges. They'd have thought of something- no doubt about it. Who knows? Maybe they would have gone back to the Marilyn Monroe case and charged him with her murder. Otherwise, it would have been treason for the back-channel negotiations that he and his brother did with the Soviets. And then, they could always have played the lone-nut card, and of course, they did eventually play the lone-nut card. Of course, it would have looked worse if he was making a ruckus about his brother's assassination, but still, they would not have cared. They controlled the media. The Fourth Estate was long dead.   

Another thing they likely would have done is trashed his brother; exposed all his sex tyrsts; exposed his lies about his health; and maybe even exposed shenanigans which won him the 1960 election: in Chicago, West Virginia, etc.

And who knows, they may have subtly communicated to Robert Kennedy that he needed to STFU and accept what happened or else, his brother's good name would go down the toilet.

But, had it been me, there is nothing they could have threatened me with that would have deterred me. I wouldn't have cared what they came up with. I would have gotten my family safe and secure, and then I would have essentially become Django Unchained.

So, why didn't Robert Kennedy? I don't know. I'm sure the fact that others all around him, including his closest confidantes and Jack's, were urging submission and acceptance had a big impact.  His Boston friends, the so-called Irish Mafia, they didn't do shit. I also suspect that at first he just put off responding, thinking that some weeks later he would have clarity and confirmation. But, it only got harder to resist them with each passing day. If he was going to act defiantly, he needed to do it immediately. He needed to reject the official story from the beginning, like Vincent Salandria.  

But, it's part of a larger problem because RFK's kids have never done anything- including about his murder. Why does cowardice run so deep in the Kennedy family? None of them are willing to stand up to Leviathan. 

Well, we are standing up to Leviathan. And if the Kennedys never get involved, then we'll do it without them. 

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