Sunday, February 21, 2016

Backes, how can you be as stupid as you are? Even your friends must be having trouble dealing with how stupid you are. 

I'm not saying that there was a black object between the woman and Ike Altgens. That's insane. I'm saying that if the image was legitimate, there would have to be. But, the image is not legitimate. 

 I never said that there was a black object, rather I was pointing to how ridiculous it is to try to justify this image.

A photograph is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional space. There is "depth" to the story of the picture, though not to the picture itself. In this case, the blackness overlaps a part of the woman's face. Therefore, since part of her face is being covered up, it means that she has more depth than the black disc. In other words, the thing that looks like a black disc in the picture had to be in front of her, that is, between her and the camera. But, there is no possibility of any such object having been there.  

Another way I can put it is with a question: Why can't we see the complete right side of her head? Why does the blackness intrude all the way to her right eye? If it went any further, it would have intruded on that eye. But, it went right to the edge of it, and the blackness is definitely covering up part of her. Why? How? On what basis? This has nothing to do with Moire patterns. Backes, you're stupid. 

 Why can't we see the head on the above figure? Why is it a black ball?

Why can't Backes see that Picasa calls the function I use "fill light", and if I use the same term they use, what is he fighting for? And who is he fighting with? Picasa? It's their program, and they can call their tools whatever they want.

Why does he argue about such things? And why does he argue with me about such things? You drag that button over with your mouse, and it fills the picture with more light. Hence, fill light.

You're stupid, Backes. You are the most stupid mudderplucker to ever wander into the JFK realm. Your incompetence and irrationality are boundless, and I don't think there is a soul alive who respects you. But, there are people who respect me. Here is one of them:

"You are a hero of the JFK research community, and your willingness to face all odds to clear the name of an innocent man will one day make you a legend."

A prominent researcher whom I respect very much sent me that just today. 

Now watch Backes start claiming that I wrote it myself. 

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