Friday, February 12, 2016

Joseph Backes is not only a beggar; he is also a liar. 

Harold Weisberg NEVER repudiated Oswald in the doorway. Joseph Backes is currently trying to claim that he did, but he is a despicable liar. 

Upon seeing the images of Gorilla Lovelady from the so-called Martin film (which has never been substantiated. Gary Mack told me, himself, that there are NO COPIES of the Martin film in existence anywhere which contain the Gorilla Man clip) Weisberg took the position that even if Gorilla Man was Lovelady, he couldn't possibly be Doorman. That's because Doorman's shirt isn't "checked" which is the word Harold used for plaid, and because Gorilla Man's shirt was not sprawled open- parted like the Red Sea- the way Doorman's shirt was. 

So, Harold Weisberg, until his last breath, advocated for Oswald in the doorway, and it is a despicable act of turpitude that Backes would state or imply otherwise. He is just preying on a dead man who isn't here to renounce him. 

Well, just for that, I am going to call on Larry Rivera, and we are going to post major excerpts from Harold Weisberg's writings, his published writings, to show that he staunchly believed in Oswald in the doorway.

Backes is out of his mind. It is unbelievable how stupid he is. He criticized me for referring to using "fill light" and then when I proved to him that that's how Picasa describes the tool:

 The moron doesn't have enough sense to drop it. He keeps going with it. Somehow, he thinks he has grounds to continue criticizing me for using the same term that Picasa uses to describe their tool. He thinks it should be called something else; something about "brightness".

And it goes to show you not only what an idiot Joseph Backes is but what a desperate idiot he is that he would resort to bickering about such an inane thing. 

You are stupid, Backes. You are the dumbest mudderpluck to ever venture into this field. And get something straight: you have lost this battle, just as you have lost every battle. Everything I have ever claimed, I am still claiming. Everything I have ever put up on the OIC website is still there. I haven't had to retract one thing because of you. You have a perfect record; a record of nothing but losses.  

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