Thursday, February 18, 2016

I received an email today from a prominent person in the "JFK community" who said that "Prayer Man is a fraud." 

Never mind who it was, but the statement is true. Prayer Man is a fraud. The whole Prayer Man clip didn't appear until the 1990s. Nobody but nobody referenced it until then. The Prayer clip is riddled with impossibilities. The figures in the Prayer Man doorway are grossly distorted, including Prayer Man. You can't have a body that big and a head that small- unless you've got a condition known as microcephaly. 

So, Prayer Man is impossible. The so-called Frazier figure is impossible. Nobody could be built like that, and nobody could stand like that.

This was before Baker reached the steps which was 10 seconds after the last shot. So, how could there have been so many people climbing the steps of the Depository?

Where the hell did that crowd come from? There's an 8 foot guy without a head below "Frazier". Next to him is a woman with shoulders like a linebacker. The whole thing is bull shit. 

I have to wonder whether the Prayer Man ploy was just a diversionary tactic to distract from Oswald in the doorway, the Altgens doorway. Perhaps it was just done for the sake of noise and mockery. And to suggest that Prayer Man was Oswald is both preposterous and ludicrous. Did they get a few stupid people to actually believe it? I don't know, but it obviously isn't going anywhere. I suspect that the idea of Prayer Man and the people who are spewing it are of and from the CIA.  

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