Saturday, February 13, 2016

So, what did Howard Weisberg really think about whether Gorilla Man was really Lovelady? 

There is a difference between not disputing something and actually believing it. 

Howard Weisberg pointed out that Gorilla Man had a beard.

But, did Billy Lovelady have a beard? That is a separate issue which has to be determined independently. And we know now- beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt- that Billy Lovelady did not have a beard on 11/22/63. By his own words, he had shaved the night before and had only overnight growth. His words: overnight growth. It means that he mostly definitely did not have a beard. Therefore, in pointing out that Gorilla Man had a beard, Harold Weisberg was, in effect, saying that he wasn't Lovelady, that he couldn't be Lovelady, that the beard ruled him out to be Lovelady. We know that now for absolute certain.  

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