Monday, February 8, 2016

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Jeff Marzano The Kennedy brothers were involved in some political intrigue I think. But obviously their views and plans were fundamentally opposed to those of the shadow government.

I think the main thing was John Kennedy was planning on scaling back the American military machine. During World War II this colossus of destruction emerged as the supreme military power in the world.

The shadow government needed to find more Hitlers, more enemies to conquer no matter what the price tag. They were trying to create a million new Normandy D-Day invasions all over the world.

John Kennedy was resisting all this as is indicted by his NSAM 263 directive which called for ending America's involvement in the quagmire called Vietnam.

The atomic bomb ended World War II in Japan.

The problem was they had a massive stockpile of war materiel in Okinawa which had been intended for the invasion of the Japanese mainland but no more war. So they shipped half of that crap to Korea and the other half to Southeast Asia.

What a coincidence. That's where the next two wars happened.

That's the way Fletcher Prouty saw it.
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Ralph Cinque Well, as a followup to that, I would recommend a book called Ruses for War by Professor John Quigley of UC Berkeley. The first 100 pages are devoted to the Korean War, and in it, he argues that, urged on by the Americans, South Korea started it. South Korea invaded North Korea, which launched the war. And he lays out the tactical evidence proving that it must be true. So you see: the Korean War is just another war that they have been lying to us about since Day 1.
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Veli-Pekka Kultanen Just the same in Vietnam. Former French colony was invaded by japan. People ther kicked japanese out. French came back trying to be masters again. Vietnamese kicked their butt. Americans came to help french buddies and stuck there. I do not know what JFK would have done in mid sixties, but during LBJ and Nixon the shit hit the fan. No American should have died in Asia after WWII.
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Ralph Cinque Nor should the 3 million Southeast Asians killed by Johnson and Nixon have died.

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