Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Here is Givens talking about it on video, and he tells it differently. Instead of seeing Oswald over by the Sniper's Nest, he saw him in the middle of the 6th floor. And he said Oswald had his orders in his hand, which implies that he was still filling orders even though everyone else had broke for lunch. I guess Oswald was quite the company man, or maybe he owned stock. And instead of saying it's "nearly" lunch time, Givens just said it was lunch time. And again, that seems to apply that that's what Oswald was doing up there: working. So, even though previously he was heading down just a few minutes before where he was seen by many waiting for the elevator on the 5th floor, he then decided to squeeze in a few more order fills before he broke for lunch. He was quite the loyal employee. And instead of saying that he didn't send the elevator back up because it wasn't there, Givens said that he forgot about it because he was in a hurry to get outside to see the parade. And instead of saying his encounter with Oswald occurred at 11:55, it happened 1 or 2 minutes after 12. It's a lot of bollocks, if you ask me. 


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