Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I have looked closely at this plat of the 1st floor and there is no shipping room. Unfortunately, it is only partly legible, and I have to wonder if that wasn't deliberate. But, there is no shipping room. And, imagine how big it would have to be if it was the destination of all those order-fillers. 

Now, let's consider the testimony of Troy West, who was officially the " mail wrapper." But, mail usually refers to letters and documents, which aren't usually wrapped. If he was wrapping books, why would he go by "mail wrapper"? 

Mr. BELIN. What do you do for the Texas School Book Depository? 
Mr. WEST. Well, I am a mail wrapper. 
Mr. BELIN. You are a mail wrapper? 
Mr. WEST. I wrap mail all the time. 
Mr. BELIN. Were you doing that on November 22d of 1263, too? Were you a mail wrapper at that time back in last November? 
Mr. WEST. Yes, sir. 

And when he used the very ambiguous term "mail wrapper," why didn't David Belin ask him to clarify? 

Mr. BELIN: Looking at this map of the 1st floor, there is the stairway down to the basement, and there are the elevators and the back stairway. There are the toilets there. About where would you wrap mail there? Here is the domino room and the shower. You are looking here, that is north Elm Street runs this way and Houston Street runs that way. It is shown on that diagram. 
Mr. WEST. Well, my place was in the west side of the other building.

What the mother pluck? No wonder I couldn't find the mail room on the map of the 1st floor. It wasn't there. It was in another building. But, what other building?

David Belin doesn't ask. After that, they pretty much go into a Who's on 1st, I Don't Know who's on 2nd routine.  Belin just ignores the statement West made that he worked in another building, and they just go on talking about it as if it's this building. 

Mr. WEST. So; it wasn’t close to the stairway. 
Mr. BELIN. Was it closer to the Elm Street side of the building? 
Mr. WEST. No, sir. 
Mr. BELIN. What was it close to? The west side is the side near the railroad tracks and the triple underpass. Is that what you think is the west side? 
Mr. WEST. Yes, sir ; that is what I would call the west side. 357 Mr. Ihc~s. Well, now, the northwest lmrt is by the stairway, and the southwest part would be toward the corner near Elm Street. Do you mean toward the Elm or mnre toward the wooden dock in the back? 
Mr. WEET. Well, it was about, I would say, middleways between Elm and the dock. 
Mr. BEIJN. Well, there are a couple of overhead doors on that west side, aren’t there? 
Mr. WEST. Yes, sir. 
Mr. BELIN. You see where it is marked on the first floor diagram, overhead door and overhead door? Two doorways here on the west side? Mr. WEST. Yes, sir. 
Mr. BELIN. Then was it near either one of those doorways? Mr. WEST. Well, it was near this one, pretty close to this one. It was close to what I would call a doorway, approximately in the middle side of the west wall of the first floor? 
Mr. WEST. Yes. 
Mr. BELIN. That is where ydu wrapped the mail? 
Mr. WEST. Yes, sir. 

Then, we learn that West was the only full-time wrapper.

Mr. BELIN. Are you the only one that wraps the books for mailing, or wraps them up for mailing? Mr. WEST. Well, no, sir ; I am not the only one, but mine is that way just every day. 
Mr. BELIN. You do it all the time? 
Mr. WEST. Yes; I do that. 
Mr. BELIN. Are you the only one that does it all the time? 
Mr. WEST. I am the only one that is steady, wraps mail all the time, although I have help, you know, when it gets stacked. 
Mr. BELIN. Did Lee Harvey Oswald ever help you wrap mail? 
Mr. WEST. No, sir ; he never did. 

All of this makes the impression that they were all small orders consisting of several books which were wrapped in paper and then taped and then tied with string. But, how can that be if they were shipping to schools? Schools don't order several books. They order at least enough for a whole class. 

So, Belin couldn't find a shipping room on his map either, and when asked about it, West claimed that he worked in "another building." But, then the two of them continued talking about it as if it were this building. 

So, there is no sense to be made from any of this, and neither I nor anyone else knows what the pluck it means. The credibility of this whole operation and the way in which they worked is completely unfathomable. There is no sense to be made of it, and I continue to believe, ever more strongly, that the book distributing business was a sham, a cover, for what they were really doing. 

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