Saturday, May 7, 2016

I have mentioned that there is no way that Oswald could have made this bag. It is too good, too refined, and too much like a real, manufactured bag. People aren't born with an instinct of how to make bags. And, most people go their whole lives without ever making a bag or even thinking about making one. So, they go their whole life without even making one in their mind- never mind in real life. They simply never give it any thought. Have you? And there is no reason to think Oswald ever gave it any thought. 

So, how did he make a bag this good? And why would he bother? It's not like he was in a bag-making contest. Supposedly, his mind, his thoughts were on killing Kennedy. He could have just taken the paper with him and just set the rifle parts on it and wrapped it like a present. Why bother making such an elaborate bag? And when could he possibly have had the time to make it? Did he do it in the impossible-to-locate shipping room? Did he do it when Troy West stepped out to relieve himself in the bathroom, and if so, how did he know that Troy would be gone long enough for him to do it? 

Do you think Oswald went somewhere else in the Depository to make that bag? Like where? People worked on all the floors right? And if he was walking around with a wad of paper, wouldn't someone have noticed it? 

Or do you think he made the bag in Ruth Paine's garage? But again: why would he bother when he could just set the rifle parts down on the paper and then wrap it and tape it? Why would he devote the time, the effort, and the brain power to figuring out how to create a bag that was so sturdy that even after transporting jagged metal parts, it was still perfectly intact?

 How did he give the bag that flat square bottom? And again, why did he bother? He wasn't being judged on the quality of the bag. What, was he a perfectionist? A bag that he was going to use once for several minutes had to be perfect?

I am telling you that it is absolutely preposterous to think that Oswald made this bag. 

 And it means much more than the fact that he didn't make it. It means that he was framed. It means that he was set up. It means that he was innocent because if he was guilty, there is no way they would have planted a phony bag to pin on him. They would have had no reason to. The phony bag could only exist if Oswald was innocent. 

So, what I'm saying is that this bag, all by itself, exonerates Oswald. It proves that he didn't do it- all by itself. They might as well have written on the bag: "Oswald didn't do it. He's innocent."

That's what the bag says, in plain English. You just have to know how to read it. It's what the bag is telling us. It's what it is screaming at us. That bag is proof that Oswald had nothing whatsoever to do with the assassination. And they, the conspirators, figured that out, eventually, although it was too late. Why do you think the image of THIS bag was never published by the Warren Commission or the HSCA? It's because it proves that Oswald was innocent.  

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