Tuesday, May 10, 2016

There is a false dichotomy in the JFK world. Do you know what it is? 

The JFK "community" is divided between those who support the official story of Oswald as lone gunman and those who declare Oswald to be innocent; framed and innocent. 

Presumably, there are a few people who think Oswald was guilty within a conspiracy, but their numbers are very few. There are practically none of them. And, it's for good reason because it's a ridiculous position. 

Whether you need brain surgery, your tree trimmed, or your kitchen faucet replaced, you want to get somebody who is experienced and qualified to do it. It's true for everything. 

So, nobody, in his right mind, would have considered Lee Harvey Oswald qualified- as a marksman, as a sniper, or as a killer- to be the right person for this job. The idea that the Mafia or the CIA would have chosen Oswald to kill Kennedy is beyond stupid; it's preposterous. 

How could this guy who had spent three years in Russia where the only shooting he did was when he and his friends went off to shoot rabbits with shotguns- and Oswald was reportedly the worst shot of the bunch- and then he did no shooting at all when he got back- be considered qualified to kill Kennedy? How could a guy who had never sniped be considered a sniper? It is incredibly stupid. 

So, even though that category exists as an empty set within the "community" the media, when they depict the JFK battlefield, make it out to be a conflict between lone-nut Oswald accusers and those who say he did it within a conspiracy. 

"To this day, many Americans believe that Oswald did not act alone..."   That's how they fling the dung around.

But, why do they do it? Why do they lie? 

They lie because they are afraid. They are scared to death of JFK truthers, of Oswald defenders. They are too afraid to even acknowledge that they exist. They can't bring themselves to say it. It's like, "Don't say that! Hush! Now say a prayer before it's too late."

That's why they conduct their ridiculous polls where they ask people, "Do you think Oswald acted alone or within a conspiracy?"

Now, you can't tell me that there aren't some people who respond by saying, "Neither! Oswald didn't act at all! He was innocent."

So, what do they do with those votes? Do they just lump them in with those who say he did it within a conspiracy? Oh My God! If they are doing that, then they are viciously evil. 

Or, are they just throwing them out- trashing the result and moving on? But, that is evil too because it is so disingenuous. It is so duplicitous. And it goes to show that the whole poll is just a fraud. It isn't so much a poll, but rather, propaganda. It's mind control. It is a manipulative fraud.

This is from the Gallup poll done in November 2013:

"Gallup in its November poll asked those who believe the Kennedy assassination was part of a conspiracy an open-ended question about who, besides Oswald, they thought was involved."

What? Is that it? So, the built-in, automatic presumption is that Oswald was definitely involved; he shot Kennedy. 

Reportedly, they interviewed 1039 adult Americans. So, did any of those 1039 Americans respond as I said, with:

 "Neither. Oswald didn't do it alone, and he didn't do it within a conspiracy. He didn't do it. Period."

Don't you agree that it's hard to believe that out of 1039 Americans that not one responded that way? So, what did they do? How did they handle it within the poll? I found this:

"Samples are weighted to correct for unequal selection probability and non-response."

Non-response? So, if you blurted out that Oswald was innocent, completely innocent, they probably treated that as a non-response within their poll. They certainly didn't count it as a separate category.

The poll was whether you wanted to endorse Government Story #1 (the Warren Report) or Government Story #2 (the HSCA Report). 
Those were your only choices. Otherwise, you couldn't be in the poll.

Now, that is downright evil. Really, it is Machiavellian. It's all about lying and deceiving and manipulating. 

And when you are treated like that, it's really the lowest thing there is. It's such a con. If a person comes up to you and points a gun at you and says, "Your money or your life" now, in comparison, that's clean. In comparison, that's downright respectful.  Because: it's straight-forward. You're being robbed of money, but you're not being robbed of your awareness. Your mind isn't being twisted. I think that would be much more tolerable than what our Society does to us- to our minds- with the incessant lies and twistings and fabrications and falsehoods and propaganda to which we are subjected day in and day out. 

So, fighting for JFK truth involves more than getting justice for Kennedy and defending Oswald. The official story is such a lie, such an outrageous lie, such an insult to our intelligence, that it is appalling that they actually expect us to believe it. It is Orwellian beyond anything George Orwell ever imagined. 

Many people willingly believe it because they work for the government; or for the media; or for a government school; or for a big corporation that visibly flaunts its support for the creed- and that's what it is, a national creed. 

In 2013, Secretary of State John Kerry said that he sometimes wonders if Lee Harvey Oswald could really have done it alone, killed Kennedy, alone. That is support for the creed. And it's the point of this whole blog, that when people like Kerry say things like that, they are supporting the creed. It sounds like they are questioning it, but in reality, they are supporting it. They are supporting it but in a roundabout way. It's revolting; it's disgusting; it's sickening. 

So, you should vigorously reject the official story of the JFK assassination, and you should also vigorously reject the alternate story that is offered to you- the false alternative. Reject them both. Do it for Kennedy. Do it for Oswald. And do it for yourself; for the respect you have for your own mind and your ability to reason and the value you place on living in the real world.  


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