Thursday, May 5, 2016

Let's look again at Buell Frazier. 

He claimed that Oswald carried a long package into the building. But, he alone, of all the employees, said that. Jack Dougherty saw Oswald right when he came in, and he didn't see it. So, that's 1 vs. 1. But wait, Oswald worked there too. His vote counts. And he said he had no such package, and he denied ever telling Frazier anything about curtain rods.

Now, who are you going to believe? Lee Oswald or Buell Frazier? I presume that if you know Oswald was innocent, as I do, that you are going to believe Oswald and reject Frazier.  

So, that's Oswald and Dougherty vs. Frazier. But wait. It's much more lopsided than that. Don't you think that if they could have drummed up any other employees who were willing to say that Oswald carried a large package that they would have brandished their testimonies? It's obvious that they had no one else. Yet, it's inconceivable that Oswald wasn't seen and passed by others in the building.

So, to my mind, what that means is that there was an unspecified number of unnamed people who (tacitly) denied that Oswald carried a large bag. Therefore, overwhelmingly, the preponderance among the employees was that Oswald did NOT carry such a bag into the building. 

Then, there's the Doorman issue. Frazier has continued to deny that it was Oswald in the doorway, even though you can see Oswald's clothes on the man, which Frazier saw first-hand on Oswald. 

 That is a very specific outfit, and it is the same outfit. It is inconceivable that both Oswald and Lovelady were dressed that way. 

Plus, Frazier changed his story more times than I can count. In 2013, he said that Lovelady watched the motorcade from ground level because he urged him to do so. Well, in that case, Lovelady could not have been Doorman because Doorman was clearly on the top level. 

Finally, Frazier has never come clean about the so-called "order-filling". He's never explained how he and other "order-fillers" could find specific titles in the chaotic maze that was the inventory of the TSBD.

It is inconceivable that anyone could work in such an environment. It is inconceivable that anyone would stack boxes of books that high. The dysfunctionality of all this is something that Frazier has never addressed or explained- and he is one of the few people left who could explain it- or expose it. 

And yet, through it all, Frazier says how much he liked Oswald, that he was a nice man, that he liked playing with children, etc. Well, Frazier is no friend of Oswald. He has damaged Oswald. The official story of the JFK assassination is completely dependent on Frazier's claim of Oswald's having carried a long package. And even though Frazier says that the package he saw was not long enough to be the disassembled rifle, the other side has no trouble whatsoever asserting that Frazier is simply mistaken about the length of the bag. They say it's a simple mistake that anyone could make. Let's be clear: Frazier is a witness for them, not for us, and not for Oswald. He is a witness for the prosecution against Oswald.  
Frazier has spoken and done interviews for the Sixth Floor Museum. Do you think they would have him do that if they considered him a witness for Oswald? Frazier, from the beginning and all along, has been regarded as an important witness for the official story- every bit as much so as Ruth Paine.   

I consider Frazier to be the second-most-damaging witness against Oswald, the most damaging being his wife Marina. She did the most to convict Oswald and then came Frazier. The difference is that she is a hermit about it today and rarely talks to anyone whereas Frazier has got a cottage industry going as a JFK witness.

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