Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This is incredible. It is unprecedented. Trump has just won in Indiana, trouncing Cruz, despite the fact that the popular governor there came out in support of Cruz.


Does anybody doubt that Trump is going to be the Republican nominee? The only question remaining is whether Republican leaders, including the vanquished Cruz and Kasich, are going to support him. If they don't, that will make this an even stranger race. I already said that I expect some leading Republicans to come out in support of Hillary. And I haven't changed my mind. 

But, at some point, Trump is going to try to reassure these people that he's not going to be all that bad- from their perspective. In speaking to AIPAC, for instance, he said that "we are going to cherish and protect Israel." That was a step in the right direction, right? However, he's not going to win them over. AIPAC is going to support Hillary, for sure, and understandably so. But, can Trump go far enough, with his concessions and reassurances, to hold the Republican party together? I just don't know. This is already the most unusual Presidential election campaign of my life and maybe of anybody's life. 

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