Thursday, May 5, 2016

This was supposed to be a professional commercial operation, shipping books to schools throughout two states, one of which was the second biggest state in the country. 

Who wraps books in paper and tape? I wouldn't do that, and I'm just one guy. I ship books. My graphic novel is available on Amazon, and they send me notices about sales. I am listed as CKA Publishing.

And when I get a notice to ship, I ship in a box or I use a heavy, insulated mailing pouch which is designed for shipping books. I certainly don't just wrap the naked book in paper and mail it. It's bound to get tattered if I did that. 

Yet, we are supposed to believe that this big interstate company wrapped book orders in brown paper and then applied tape and string in a homespun, Mom and Pop way? And, they were shipping to schools, so why are we even talking about such small orders? 

Look: the whole thing was a lie. Nobody would run a business that way, let alone one this size. The book distributing was just a facade for the real business, which was that the TSBD was a CIA front company involved in snooping, espionage, and killing the President of the United States. Their shipping operation was a joke. The whole shipping department consisted of one guy, this guy:

And he was wrapping their shipments in paper, tape, and string, the way Grandma does her fruitcake. Like I said, it's a joke, and it would be funny except that it involved killing people. 

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