Friday, September 9, 2016

Backes, I have watched the Bill Lord film at the normal speed, and the frames in question pass by too quickly for anyone to notice them. Nobody would. Now, don't tell me that you just happened to notice them, and that you decided, all by yourself, that the guy you saw was Ruby. That I would not believe.

So again I say: who brought it to your attention? Who gave it to you? Who set you up with it?

And, I don't think anyone has ever referenced this before. I did a Google search for "Jack Ruby can be seen in the Bill Lord film" and I got this, in which my blog made the first page, but otherwise, there are no references to it: 

So, what basis is there to assume that this has been noticed and discussed before? And if your story is that you found it yourself, then all the more reason to doubt it. 

So, if you know of someplace that these images have been posted before, and I mean before you posted them in June of this year, then cough it up. 

And regardless, the guy in the images isn't Ruby, and neither is Oswald's shooter. 

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