Sunday, September 11, 2016

Don't you find it odd that the Idiot Joseph Backes defends the Dallas PD concerning Oswald's death, but it's the same PD that he accuses of fabricating Oswald's bus and cab ride? He even accuses them of fabricating witnesses who didn't exist, such as Mary Bledsoe. That's right, the Idiot has written that Mary Bledsoe was not a real person; that they made her up. And the fact that she testified to the Warren Commission with her lawyer present? It doesn't phase him. He claims they made her up and concocted her whole testimony. He accuses the Dallas Police of lying about finding a bus transfer ticket in Oswald's pocket. And it goes on and on. And yet, when it came to Oswald's murder, they were lily white, according to this moron.

"Ruby's" angle to Oswald obviously changed very quickly. It went from this:

Take a good look at it, Backes. "Ruby" came in from the side, and he shot Oswald from the side, and he shot him in the side. But, when we get to the Jackson photo which is supposedly .3 seconds after the shot, "Ruby" is in front of Oswald.

 That is not just a difference in camera angle. "Ruby" moved. It's not quite 90 degrees (and the reference for that is that Oswald represents the center of the circle, and the distance between him and "Ruby" represents a radius. So, there are two radii: one for when "Ruby" shot him and one for when the Jackson photo was taken. The difference between them isn't quite 90 degrees, but in a broad perspective, it is about that.) In my book,  it is OK to exaggerate a little to make a point. And the point is that he shot him from the side but then wound up in front of him a split-second later.

And Fritz, whom you can see in the first image, had nothing to do with "Ruby's" actions.

It's not a frontal attack, you moron. It's a side attack. Oswald was shot in the side, and the bullet went across his upper abdomen from left to right. Left to right; left to right; left to right; left to right.

You stupid mudderplucker.

And the idea that Leavelle and Graves did not look around is a fact. If you think otherwise, then post the frames in which they can be seen looking around.

Here is Ruby after he jumped in front of Oswald after shooting him.

They're pulling him in, but he is not resisting. He is not pulling the other way. He is cooperating with them.

He is not putting up any fight here.

Now you can see that that big guy has got his arms around "Ruby". He is holding him securely. The bald guy in back is covering up "Ruby's" head after his hat came off. And after that, they are going to scurry him into the building. Notice how pinned "Ruby" is. He is totally locked up by these cops. So, how does it get to this a few seconds later?

And this?

He doesn't look like he is being held and restrained by anybody. He isn't even the same guy.

It's completely ridiculous. The whole story, the whole scenario is completely ridiculous. 

Backes thinks the Dallas Police fabricated a whole bus ride and cab ride for Oswald and concocted phony witnesses who didn't even exist, and yet he believes this shit?

Backes, you are the stupidest mudderpluck to ever look at the case. 

Fact: the guy who shot Oswald was NOT Jack Ruby. It was this guy:

But, it doesn't mean he actually shot Oswald. This phony Jackson photo was designed to cover up all areas (on Oswald) that could possibly have been affected by the shot.

Oswald was shot in the side at the 7th rib. So why would react to that by pressing his hand and forearm across his anterior chest? And, as I've said many times, that is two hands up there, like a person clasping their two hands in prayer:

So, they faked that. Why? It must have been because Oswald wasn't really shot. They had no real trauma to show. So, they had to coverup all areas that could have been affected to send the message: 

"You are not seeing the slightest disruption of Oswald or his clothing, nor any blood because of how he reacted, which completely covered up all affected areas. It just turned out that he did that. That's why he looks so clean and intact, even though he was mortally shot."

Bull shit. It's fake. The bus and cab rides were real. This is fake:

And how can that guy be this guy?

How do you make them out to be the same man?

You're stupid, Backes. You're the most stupid man to ever spew about the JFK assassination.   

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