Sunday, September 18, 2016

Notice in this gif from the Towner film that the baby is completely immobile. It never shows any signs of life. It's just a blob. And the same is true of the mother except for one thing: her flicking left hand, which is supposedly waving constantly at the President. In a very repetitive, redundant way, she just waves, and waves, and waves, and waves, and waves. So, presumably, all the while, she is holding that baby with just her right arm. That's a baby we are talking about that is holding with just one arm, such that if she loses her grip and drops the baby, it would be catastrophic- like dropping a watermelon. 

It is FAKE. The baby in white and orange, and the mother in black, they are fake images added to the film. And, they are static images except for the flicking left hand of the mother high overhead, which is a techno-trick. They weren't there. They didn't exist. It is just dirty, filthy, bloodied, JFK assassination art. 

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