Monday, September 19, 2016

Who is Jack Jackson? He's an adversary of mine, and he's threatening to do something next Spring, though I don't know what. 

But, even though he is an adversary, he at least admits that the Mother and Baby in Towner are NOT the same couple as the Woman and Child in Altgens. This is what he posted:

Again, I don't know what he is threatening to do next Spring, whether it is something criminal or not. And, I don't know if Jack Jackson is his real name. He provides no information whatsoever on his Google profile. It could be another alias. 

But again, at least he admits that the Towner Mother and Baby are not the same couple as the Altgens Woman and Child, as he calls them. I'm pretty sure the kid is a boy. 

Now, I don't know this Jack Jackson, and I don't particularly like him either, but I'll give him credit for admitting a very obvious thing that those pairings of Madonna and Child ain't the same couple. Let us count the ways that they differ:

1) The Altgens boy is over 2 years of age for absolute sure, while the Altgens baby is younger than 1 year of age.

2) The Altgens boy has a relatively large head, large in comparison to his mother's, where his head is almost as big as hers. The Towner Baby has a very small head, and especially so in comparison to its mother who has a huge square head.

3) In Altgens, the boy has got a straight toned back, and he is posturally tall, and he is looking down at something in front of him, in the same direction that his mother is looking. In Towner, the baby is completely toneless, resting on its mother, and either looking opposite to its mother or sleeping.

4) The Altgens mother is dressed in white or at least light. The Towner mother is dressed in black.

5) The Altgens mother has her hair pulled back. The Towner mother has her hair down, draping to her shoulders.

6) The Altgens boy is wearing a denim jacket or what you might call a Levi jacket. The Towner baby look like it's swaddled in something or otherwise it's some kind of fluffy, puffy coat, but is definitely not a Levi jacket.

You want that I go on, or will you admit that there is a ton of disparity there making it absolutely certain that they are not the same couple?

Apparently, Jack Jackson can see it and is willing to admit the very starkly evident thing that they are different people, that there is no way they can be construed as the same figures. 

So, at least he admits that much. What he's going to do next Spring, I have no idea. But, the next song I'm doing talks about Spring. Huh. A JFK coincidence. 

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