Monday, September 12, 2016

Moron: I never said that Leavelle and Graves were solely responsible for letting Oswald be shot. Obviously, it wasn't their personal project. The plotters, that is, the conspirators, needed Oswald dead BEFORE he talked to a lawyer because if he talked to a lawyer, he would have told the lawyer that he was standing in the doorway when JFK got shot. And the lawyer would have said,  "You mean this doorway?" pointing to the Altgens photo. And Oswald would have said, "Yes. That's me. Although it looks like they did something to my hair." And then it would have been all over- for the plotters.

And, the view of "Ruby's" face isn't just "momentarily" blocked, you idiot. It is completely blocked. It is first, last, and always blocked- except for the patently phony image of it that you dug up- one that was NEVER cited until you cited it in June 2016. 

And no: Jack Ruby, the real one, did NOT shoot Oswald. Ruby was just a patsy; a mind-controlled patsy. It was a bait and switch. 

And now, the idiot is trying to deny any positional changes in the time between Beers and Jackson. Here's Beers, where you can see Ruby coming at Oswald from the side.

 That, reportedly, was .3 second before the blast. Then, this below was .3 second after the blast.

To say that there was no positional change between the two, that all the figures were in the same position for both, is ridiculous.

Then, the Idiot put up UpperPunk's gif showing how perspective works, but that demo doesn't mean that nobody ever moves between close images. Sometimes they do. And here they did.

In this frame below, we see how "Ruby" had to brush by Graves. Is it really possible that Graves didn't see him coming?

Graves let "Ruby" come in. He ignored him deliberately. Then, Graves shoves "Ruby." 

 "Ruby" has obviously moved from a side approach when he shot Oswald to being in the center, and the perspective of the viewer hasn't changed. It is all happening under the eye of the same KRLD cameraman, that is, the eye of his camera. 

You can't deny that "Ruby" moved, you idiot. 

Your stupidity is a spectacle in itself, Backes. You are so stupid, so incompetent, so completely inept at everything you do, it's a wonder you survive at all.   

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