Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How good are you at looking at an image of a young person and telling if it's the same person as in the image of an old person? Try it here.

Do you think that tall, slinky, delicate, lithe young woman on the right (and I mean the one who is central in the collage) grew up to become the shorty, squatty Marguerite of fame on the left? You only have to compare the length of their necks to realize that they are unrelated and certainly not the same person. There really were two Marguerites, as John Armstrong has been telling us. And likewise, there really were two Lee Harvey Oswalds: two boys who became young men who were both living their lives as Lee Harvey Oswald. Only one was born with that name, and it wasn't the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame. And that other one, the one who was born Lee Harvey Oswald, may still be alive, for all we know. It's certainly possible. His older brother Robert is still alive. 

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