Saturday, September 10, 2016

This is a great song by Floyd Hunt, written in 1946. He led the Floyd Hunt Quartet, and he played the vibraphone. His vocalist Gladys Palmer was the first to sing it. And it did well; it became a hit. But, that was nothing compared to what happened to it in the 1970s when Etta James sang it. She took it to the stratosphere. She made it soar. She did for this song what Ray Charles did for Georgia on My Mind, which was written by Hoagy Carmichael. She sang it like she really meant it- every word. And she introduced it to a whole new generation. And it continues to influence new generations. Today, if you go on Youtube, you'll find a lot of young people (mostly females), who weren't even alive in the 1970s, singing this song. And many of them do it darn well; I must say.  

But here is my rendition of this great song,  this anthem to lost love, rendered immortal by Etta James, Fool That I Am.  I don't try to sing it like Etta James did, even though I very much like the way she sang it. And that's because of what Dirty Harry taught us: a good man always knows his limitations.

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