Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This is Ruby's mug shot taken on 11/24, taken shortly after the fracas. Notice how calm and cool he looks. He doesn't look like a man who has just murdered someone and then went through a fierce subduing by police. And apparently, they gave him an opportunity to comb his hair before they snapped the picture.   

But then, the next day, the 25th, the County Sheriff's Department took another set of mug shots. And what we're told about this one is that the reason he looks so distraught is because he was crying; crying real tears. 

Question: What was Ruby crying about? Doesn't it seem like if he was going to be crying one day and composed another that the crying would happen on the day of the tragedy? So, why was he breaking down and falling apart on the 25th but calm and cool as a cucumber on the 24th? And who was he crying for? Was he crying for Oswald? I find that hard to believe. And don't try to tell me he was crying for Kennedy. So, who's left? Was he crying for himself? 

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