Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This collage was made by John Armstrong which shows an Oswald-like figure at the Carousel Club.

On the left is "Lee". That is NOT the Oswald of fame. However, it is the image that the Oswald of fame had in his passport.

So, the Oswald of fame bore that photo in his passport book when he traveled to Russia. But, that is not his image. He did not have sloped shoulders like that, and he did not have that thick neck. That is not his nose. Those are not his ears. And his hair was never thick and wiry like that. Furthermore, his height was listed as 5'11", but the Oswald of fame was only 5'9". 

And the Oswald at the Carousel Club was definitely this guy and not the Oswald of fame.

Keep in mind that on the left he was several years older than he was on the right. He was presumably 18 on the right. 

There were two Oswalds alright. Read Harvey and Lee by John Armstrong. Also, here is his website:

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