Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Here's the gist of what happened in the JFK assassination, in about 250 words. It was essentially a CIA plot led by former director Allen Dulles, who had a lot of experience assassinating people. The most important person he brought into it was a man who conceived of the idea independently: Lyndon Johnson. And also involved on an operational level was George HW Bush.

Oswald was the patsy, and he knew nothing about it. Nobody told him, "Hey, Lee, we're killing Kennedy on November 22nd." There was no reason to tell him. There was nothing to gain by telling him. So, they didn't tell him. 

They manipulated him to go to New Orleans to establish his credentials as a Castro supporter. They may have sought to get him to go to Mexico City, but for one reason or another, he didn't go. During the time he was supposed to be on that trip, he may have gone to Houston seeking work. They manipulated him into taking a job at the Texas Book Depository, so that he could be set up as the lone gunman. There were people there involved in framing him, including Bill Shelley, but again: nobody cued him in. It's one of the first things you learn in Patsification 101: Keep the patsy in the dark. 

Once the assassination happened, the official story burst forward like a tsunami. Instantaneously, it became a litmus test for patriotism and loyalty to accept the official story. And that was true whether you were a politician, a journalist, a police officer, including a Dallas police officer, a government worker, a corporate person, or just an ordinary American citizen.  It was a time of crisis and catastrophe, and the way for everyone to hold hands and get through it was to support the official story, support the official story, support the official story. 

And that was true not just for ordinary American citizens but for the not so ordinary Kennedy family. 

It was well known by a lot of people that JFK's life had been threatened. His visit to Chicago in October to attend the Army/Navy football game got cancelled because of an assassination plot there. And then he gets killed by a "lone nut" in Dallas? That's supposed to be credible? 

Bobby Kennedy was keenly aware of the death threats against his brother. He had discussed those threats with his brother. Bobby Kennedy was keenly aware of why the Chicago trip got cancelled. And then his brother gets killed in Dallas?

What is the natural response to that? Where does the mind go from there? Why didn't Bobby's mind go there? 

It's because of the tsunami. They were able to release that tsunami. And implied with the tsunami was this threat: "If you don't support this, you will lose all acceptance, all respect, and you will be targeted as an Enemy of the State, and it takes effect immediately."

Robert Kennedy received a call from J. Edgar Hoover minutes after the assassination. What exactly was said, we don't know. But, you can be sure the gist of it was exactly what I wrote above. "If you don't support this, you will lose all acceptance, all respect, and you will be targeted as an Enemy of the State, and it takes effect immediately."

I'm saying that, in so many words, J. Edgar Hoover communicated that message to Robert Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy got it; he understood it. And, he was intimidated by it. He was intimidated by it enough not to oppose anything. 

And, the whole Kennedy family and clan took their cue from Robert Kennedy, and that includes his brother Ted. Jack was dead. They couldn't bring him back. They weren't going to fight the whole Establishment over it. Getting Jack the honors and recognition and tributes he deserved, and keeping the scandalous stuff buried became their imperative- not exposing and punishing his killers. They made a pact with the Devil: "We'll treat your brother as a national hero, a champion, an icon, a luminary, even a God- but the deal is: You ask no questions. Got it?" They accepted.   
And today, the official story of the JFK assassination, though nakedly exposed as an outright fraud, is still the law of the land. But, it's just a fiat. It's just a decree. The evidence against it is overwhelming- including a frank image of the alleged killer standing in the doorway during the shooting. It will never stand, and the fallout from it lies entirely ahead of us.  


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