Friday, September 30, 2016

This isn't Lovelady, Buddy Boy:

He didn't have Herculean arms like that. He didn't have ears like that. He didn't have hair like that. And, we have him claiming from his own lips that he had a "crewcut" at the time. Listen to him yourself:

Lovelady told Brooten repeatedly that he had a "crewcut" at the time. His wife laughed when he said it, but nevertheless, that's what he said. 

The image above did not surface until the late 1970s during the HSCA. Until then, there was never any discovery of it. And Lovelady, himself, denied that he was ever there. He denied that he ever saw Oswald at the PD, so obviously, that can't be him. Lovelady denied it to Joseph Ball in 1964, and he denied it again to Ken Brooten in 1976. 

So, that is just another phony image of Lovelady, one planted into a film to create the illusion that he was in the Squad room of the Homicide detectives when Oswald was brought in. It never happened. Lovelady never said that it happened. He denied that it happened. His chatty wife never said it happened. It is a total lie.  

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