Friday, September 16, 2016

You know about the Jackson photo. You know about the Beers photo. They are the two most famous images of the Oswald shooting scene.  But, there is a third photo that is almost as well circulated taken by UPI photographer Frank Johnston. 

It provides the most close-up and clear images of the trio: Leavelle, Oswald, and Graves. And, it includes the ridiculous thing of Leavelle having his hand stuffed in Oswald's pants. I shall make something perfectly clear: if this was anything but the JFK assassination, the idea of a policeman putting his hand in a prisoner's pants as he is escorting him would be decried as an abomination. But, because it is the JFK assassination, it passes. Show me one other instance, in the entire history of police work, in which an officer did that, stuffed his hand down the pants of a prisoner and in the groin area. What I'm telling you is that it's fake. They faked it in this image to make it comply with the Jackson photo, which is also fake.

Compare Leavelle's right hand (which is real) to his left hand (which is fake).

Why does Leavelle's right hand (on our left) look so much more natural and realistic than his left hand (on our right)? (Hint: Because the one on our right isn't real) Notice also that the coloring of the left hand looks more natural and appropriate than the other. Also, we are getting a better sense that it is real skin with texture that we expect to see, even in a photograph. On our right, it looks like the hand of a clothing store manikin. It's fake. Leavelle was NOT doing that. He wasn't walking along with his hand stuffed in Oswald's pants, for Pete's sake.

They had to do a lot of back-work in order to tell this lie. Look how shabbily they modified this frame from one of the films to make it look like Leavelle had his hand there.

What an obvious fraud. Where else but the JFK assassination do we see this shit? 

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