Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Idiot thought they were tearing out the old floor and just putting down plywood; that there was going to be nothing but plywood to support all those heavy boxes.

So, the Idiot thought that they were tearing out that very intricate hardwood floor, disposing of it, and putting down just plywood instead; unfinished plywood. So, all those many tall stacks of heavy boxes of books were going to be supported by nothing but plywood; plywood that bends and bows and warps. And, according to the Idiot, they had 19 year old "order-fillers" doing this, because, after all, what do you have to know to do it? Nothing. Right? What skill does it take? Nada. How could it possibly go wrong? It can't. And, as you can plainly see, that floor does not look the least bit oily, and it is hardly in need of replacement. What's wrong with it? Because of what? A few scratches? So, you think they would want to tear that out and replace it with raw plywood? They would rather have raw plywood than that? You're an idiot, Backes.  

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