Saturday, September 24, 2016

They got him. They got that Burlington mall shooter who killed 5 people last night, including a 16 year old girl who had survived cancer.

They didn't say how they got him, but they got him. Law enforcement got him.

Of course, it helped that they had an image of him, blurry as it is. But, just the other day, I watched a report on the DC sniper, who turned out to be two men, John Mohammed and Lee Malvo. Law enforcement did not have an image of them and did not realize or consider that it was two people. And, they got bad advice from their psychological profilers on his (their) likely description. Yet, law enforcement figured them out, traveling all the way to the Northwest to nail it down, after which they knew exactly who they were, and what they were driving. And they got them. While they were sleeping in their car in the wee hours at a remote rest stop, they got those murdering sons of bitches.   

And the program about their capture was really uplifting to watch. Of course, it was anguishing to watch these innocent, regular, ordinary people going about their lives, gassing up their cars, and being shot to death. But, to see law enforcement marshal every resource it had and work 24/7 to bring these guys in was inspiring.

But, I think about the JFK assassination and the people, like those HSCA buffoons, who claimed the Mafia did it, that there was a shooter on the Grassy Knoll who shot and missed and got clean away like a fart in a high wind.

Don't you think that law enforcement, after the killing of the President, would have been able to bring in some Mafia gunman? Do you really think he could have outsmarted them? If that was what it was, they would have gotten him. He would have been dead meat. But, law enforcement never even started looking for him.

The whole idea that there was another shooter working with Oswald is STUPID. It is ridiculous.

That's why, if you are going to dispute the JFK assassination, there really is only ONE way to do it; and that is to proclaim Oswald's innocence.    

And that's why the media is a laughing stock when they say that many Americans don't believe Oswald acted alone because the whole idea that Oswald acted with somebody else is preposterous. They should have more respect for the capability of U.S. law enforcement. 

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