Friday, September 9, 2016

You're wrong, Backes. Your always wrong. Every thought that spews from your head is wrong. Start with this:

They're grabbing him, right? They're holding on to him. And they're going to keep holding on to him. How can they move him into the building unless they're holding on to him? And I realize we can't see the other side, but don't we have to assume that there were men on that side as well? Don't we have to assume that Ruby was swarmed from all sides? 

Look at this shot which practically shows 360 degrees. Ruby is surrounded. 

So, they've got Ruby secured, and they are going to move him into the building just that way. So, how could he just be standing there a moment later?

Here is moment of impact in the NBC coverage, and remember that it's supposed to be live:

Note the time of 5:09. Well, by 5:18, the cops of pushing back reporters and taking control of the garage. The ones barreling Ruby are gone. 

So, that's 9 seconds. In just 9 seconds after the shot was fired, they had Ruby out of there. There could not have been any of this:

There is no way that Ruby, who was underneath a pile of men, rugby style, could be that man. It was wild. It was pandemonious. And it was extremely fast. Too fast for what we are seeing above. It's just more flim flam. And it wasn't shown to the world until June 2016. So, a facial short of Jack Ruby in the garage wasn't pointed out to the world until June 2016? I don't think so. 

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