Wednesday, September 14, 2016

No, Backes.  You're wrong again. The very essence of a mock trial is that it's fake. But, the setting and protocols for it are handled as realistically as possible. 

Mock trials are done at law schools where law students assume the role of lawyers. A law student is not a lawyer. A law student has no license to practice law. Yet, he or she is acting like a lawyer at the mock trial. So, if they can, I can. 

And I don't see that we would necessarily have to do it at a law school. There is only one law school in Austin that I know of: the one at UT. If they were interested it would be fine, but I make no presumptions about it.

My thought that it would be me against some prominent Oswald accuser, such as David Von Pein. He is dogged and prolific in his accusations and attacks on Oswald. Plus, he's connected; he's tied in; he gets help. Perfect.

Or, what about Gerald Posner? He is an actual lawyer. He could present the jury his "bullet-hit-the-tree-branch-then-came- apart-then-flew-down-the-length-of-Dealey-Plaza" theory. That's always a good one. 

What about Max Holland? Mr. Speculate himself. Another apt contender. Hell, they can make their own dream team of Oswald accusers, and it's fine by me.  

I can beat any pretend-lawyer, any real lawyer, or any team of lawyers. And that's because Oswald really was standing in the doorway during the shooting, and I can prove it. And, I'm confident that any unbiased, impartial jury will be able to see it.

So, my offer stands. Any takers? 

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