Monday, September 19, 2016

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera has made this overlay of Billy Lovelady and Black Hole Man. 

I am very pleased to know that Larry agrees with me and others that that was Lovelady in the doorway: Black Hole Man.

So, of course when asked to draw an arrow to himself, Lovelady drew it to that figure.

No, he didn't crowd his arrow in with Frazier's. Even if he wanted to do that, and there is no reason to think that he did, Joseph Ball would not have let him. If Joseph Ball had two arrows pointing to Doorman, he most certainly would have made them visible and distinct. After all, if you had $200, would you turn it into $100? Well, if he had two arrows identifying Doorman as Billy Lovelady, why would he turn it into one arrow? Of course, he wouldn't. And note that at no time did Joseph Ball state verbally that Lovelady had drawn his arrow to the same figure as Frazier drew his. And, he surely would have stated it for the record if that had happened. But, it didn't happen. On April 7, 1964, Billy Lovelady identified himself as Black Hole Man.

 There is no doubt about any of this. Oswald was Doorman. Lovelady was Black Hole Man. Lovelady wore the short-sleeved, striped shirt. The only question is, how much longer can the lie keep going? The official story of the JFK assassination is in a state of collapse. 

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