Tuesday, September 27, 2016

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera has made another gif of Lovelady and Black Hole Man, this time using the 1967 photo of Lovelady from the 1967 CBS JFK Special

They had planned a whole segment on the "Man in the Doorway" controversy, which included this image of Lovelady in the doorway taken by their photographer. But, somebody high up in the organization wisely realized that it could only hurt the official story, and the best thing to do was ignore it. I'm sure he'd give the same advice to those who are today battling the OIC. 

But, the point is that this photo of Lovelady also works; it fits, that Black Hole Man was definitely Billy Lovelady.

And here is a still from it. 

What has happened now- where we are- is that we have established beyond doubt that Oswald was in the doorway as the Doorway Man in the Altgens photo, and we have established beyond doubt that Lovelady was in the doorway too, as Black Hole Man in the Altgens photo. So, they are both accounted for.

And, I shall state again that this reinforces my longstanding claim that Lovelady drew an arrow to BH Man to indicate himself in the Altgens photo.

 It is truly over. The official story of the JFK assassination has imploded and collapsed like the Twin Towers. But, what is still standing and will stand forever are Oswald in the doorway, and Lovelady in the doorway, both of equal certitude.  

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