Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh, Idiot. They were just tacking plywood down on top of the existing flooring. They were not ripping up and tearing out the existing flooring. Just imagine how much refuse there would have been if they had done that. And, you'd have to be completely out of your mind to think that they would do that, tear out the existing flooring without clearing the room of boxes first.

If you look at the bottom of the picture above, right above this line, you'll see the new plywood. Imagine the tools they would have needed, crowbars and whatnot, to rip out the existing flooring. And these young guys, some of them still in their teens, were "order-fillers". Remember? They weren't carpenters. So, now you have them ripping up the existing flooring? To replace it with plywood? Just plywood? It's not even real wood. How could it possibly be better than what was there, which was a real hardwood floor?

They were NOT ripping out that flooring. They were just laying plywood down on top of it. How they were fastening it, I don't know. Were they nailing it? We don't see any hammers. Were they screwing it? We don't see any screwdrivers. We don't see any fasteners. Who the hell knows? The whole thing looks like a ruse to me. But regardless, they DEFINITELY were NOT ripping out that existing flooring. As usual, you are a blithering idiot. 

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